Koolmesh – the new Hytronik app!

The Koolmesh brand was born as a branch of Hytronik. With Koolmesh we´re focusing on Bluetooth 5.0 and DALI-2 related products providing innovative digital lighting control solutions for lighting manufacturers. Also a entire new wide product portfolio using the Koolmesh app will be released. Encoded software chips and modules will be integrated in fixtures such as drivers, sensors, touch panels and other receiver nodes.

All the Bluetooth products will consists of motion sensors (microwave and PIR), LED drivers, dimmers, touch panels, emergency inverters, gateway and many more to come. All the new products are future proof with OTA feature via the app.

A summary of  Koolmesh key features using the Bluetooth mesh network is:

Chip – complies with DALI 2 standards2. You can set the motion sensor and daylight sensor

  1. You can control the brightness
  2. You can set the motion sensor and daylight sensor
  3. You can set a variety of scenes and schedules
  4. You can set the BLE panel or Push switch for manual control





The DALI 2 module is ideal for DT8/DT6 LED driver integration.

Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh Module







You can download the Koolmesh app already now in App Store and Google Play. Related products working integrated with Koolmesh will be realeased soon!

Want to know more? Ask us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.