HED2050 LED DALI Driver 1x50W

HED2050 is a constant current DALI LED driver. It also offer other dimming options like 1-10V dimming and Switch-Dim. It has a built in DIP switch which allows easy multiple LED current selection options. Some of the product highlights are:

  • Automatic output reduction 80%–60%–40% against overheat
  • Failure DALI feedback
  • Flicker-free dimming from 100%~30%
  • In compliance with DALI 2 standard
  • DALI and switch-Dim can be used at the same time


Mains Voltage 220~240VAC 50/60Hz
Mains Current 0.3~0.25A
Power factor 0.95
Max. Effciency 87%
Dialectric Strengt Input -> Output : 3750VAC
Dimming Interface DALI, Switch-Dim, 1-10V
Dimming Range 1 ~ 30% PWM Dimming, 30 ~ 100% Analouge dimming
Max. Output Power 41 – 50W (See datacheet)
Current range 700 – 1400mA (See datacheet)
Voltage Range 12~58V (See datacheet)
Operation Temp Ta: -20~+45
IP Rating IP20
Certification Semko, CB, RMC, CE, EMC

Wiring diagram

Mechanical structure