HED6010 DALI Driver 10W, Constant Current

Use with ‘plug n‘ play’ or DALI broadcast master. Fully addressable DALI systems, including fault feedback. Switch-Dim 1-10V Dimming Systems Models for all fixture types- insulated terminal cover with cord restraint:

  • Office / Commercial Lightning
  • Health Care
  • Classroms

Use for retrofit upgrades & new luminaire designs.


Mains Voltage 220~240VAC 50/60Hz
Mains Current 0.075~0.065A
Power factor 0.9
Max. Effciency 88%
Dialectric Strengt Input -> Output : 3000VAC
Leakage Current <0.25mA
Ripple Current <3%
Uout Max. 52V
Turn-on Time <0.5s
Dimming Interface DALI, Switch-Dim, 1-10V
Max. Output Power 8 – 12.5W (See datacheet)
Current range 195 – 500mA (See datacheet)
Voltage Range 6~41V (See datacheet)
Operation Temp Ta: -20~+50
IP Rating IP20
Certification Semko, CB, RMC, CE, EMC

Mechanical structure

Wiring diagram