HEM06-T Self Testing Emergency LED Driver

Emergency conversion units to provide constant power output in emergencymode. 2 case sizes – insulated terminal cover with cord restraint for externalmounting, suitable for LED panels etc. and aluminium housing giving excellentthermal properties for built-in to fixture applications.

  • LED panels and downlights
  • Bulkhead / Utilty luminaires
  • IP65 / Tri-proof
  • Decorative / linear systems

Use for retrofit upgrades & new luminaire designs.

Some of the product highlights include :

  • Dual wattage and duration selection: HEM06-T: 3W @ 3hrs; 6W @ 1h
  • Built-in MCU programmed self-testing, maintenance free
  • Automatic output current adjustment
  • Wide range of LED’s in series ( HEM06-T: 12~70 V)
  • With both LED indication and Buzzer warning
  • Good compatibility with various brands of LED in the market
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Constant current charger
  • High temperature NiMH/Nicd cells
  • 5-Year product warranty

Mechanical structure

Wiring diagram