HE4030-A LED Driver Constant Voltage 12V, 30W

HE4030-A is a constant voltage dimmable driver. It offers two different dimming options : 1-10 V dimming and Switch-DIM.

Suitable for mounting outside of the light fixture in applications which use slimfixtures such as LED light bar and LED tape designs.

  • Office / Commercial Lighting
  • Retail & Hotel
  • Display / Domestic lightin

Use for retrofit upgrades & new luminaire designs.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC   50/60Hz
Mains Current 0.175~0.16A
Power Factor 0.95
Max. Efficiency 88%
Dielectric Strength Input -> Output: 3000 VAC
Leakage Current < 0.25mA
Power/Current(Max.)/ Voltage Range 30W / 2.5A / 12V
Turn-on Time < 0.5s
Dimming Interface Switch-Dim, 1-10V
Operation Temp. Ta: -20~+45 Degree Celcius
Case Temp. (Max.) 80 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20
Certification  CE, EMC

Performance Characteristics

Wiring Diagram