HC008S/M Motion Sensor Narrow Detection

In some special installation, there is a demand of narrow detection beam angle to pick up motion signal in that small area only and avoid mis-triggering by the adjacent compartment. This demands a precise narrow beam angle of the sensor.

Hytronik medium range version sensor is specially designed for this kind of applica tion. The minimum detection beam angle can be only 20 degrees, with maximum height of 3 meters. The detection area can also be reduced to 75%, 50%, 30% and 10% to meet your particular need.


Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC
Stand-by power <0.5V
Warming-up 20s
Load ratings 400W – Capacitiv Load
800W – Resisitv Load
Sensor Priciple Microwave motion detector
Operation frequency 5.8GHz +/-75MHz
Transmission power <0.2mW
Detection Range Max. (OxH): 8m x 5m
Detection Angel 30 ~ 150 Degrees
Settings adjustments
Sensitivity 10% / 30% / 50% / 75% / 100%, can be customized
Hold time 5s/30s/180s/300s/15min/25min, can be customized
Daylight treeshold 2Lux /5Lux /20Lux /30Lux /Disable
Operation temperature -35 ~ +70 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20 IP65 (mounted in Hytronik special box)
Certicication Semko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE,SAA

Wiring Diagram