HC009S-KD + SAM4 Sensor with separate antenna, cable back entry

HC009S-KD is a compact microwave motion sensor with ON/OFF control. This sensor is particularly designed for light fittings where the space is very limited for a big sensor, for instance, on the LED panel bulkhead, and 2D lamp. In such applications, only the detached small SAM4 antenna is needed on the outer surface, while the sensor body and the driver/ballast can be hidden behind the panel.

Occupancy detector with on/off control suitable for indoor use. Use for new luminaire designs and installations. Suitable for building into the fixture:

  • Office / Commercial Lighting
  • Meeting room
  • Classroom

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC
Stand-by power <0.5V
Warming-up 20s
Load ratings 800W – Capacitiv Load
1400W – Resisitv Load
Sensor Priciple High Frequency (Microwave)
Operation frequency 5.8GHz +/-75MHz
Transmission power <0.2mW
Detection Range Max. (OxH): 12m x 6m
Detection Angel 30 ~ 150 Degrees
Settings adjustments
Sensitivity 10% / 30% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Hold time 10s ~ 30 min (Selectable)
Daylight treeshold 2 ~ 50 lux, Disable
Operation temperature Ta: -20 ~ +60 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20
Certicication Semko, CB, CE, EMC, RED, RCM

Wiring Diagram