HBHC25 Master Sensor Human Centric Bluetooth

Different from other complex lighting systems, Hytronik circadian rhythm system offers a simple de-centralized human centric lighting solution for offices, schools and hospitals with the tunable white feature. Comprised of just one master sensor HBHC25 and optional occupancy sensor HBIR30, the system allows great flexibility and high specification in an easy installation and commission package. Thanks to the bluetooth module, now the system can be easily set and commissioned on our App. What’s more, the user can adjust brightness and colour temperature, as well as select different scenes on our specially designed bluetooth touch panel for human centric lighting.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC
Stand-by power <1V
Warming-up 20s
Switched power Max. 40 Devices, 80mA
Sensor Priciple PIR Detections
Detection Range Max. (OxH): 10m x 3m
Detection Angel 360 Degrees
Mounting hight 5m (maximum)
Operation temperature -35 ~ +55 Degree Celcius
IP Rating IP20
Operation frequency (Bluetooth) 2.4GHz – 2.483 GHz
Transmission power (Bluetooth) 7dBm
Range (Typical) (Bluetooth) 15 ~ 30m
Protocol Bluetooth 4 Wireless Mesh
Certification Semko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA


Wiring diagram